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    Expert Proofreading - $2 per page
    Our dedicated language expert will check grammar, spelling and formatting of your assignment after the writer. Price - $2 per page
    Summary - $15 per paper
    The writer will provide 1 slide or a video explanation of the work that he/she has done. Price - $15 per paper
    Plagiarism Report - $5 per paper
    We will provide a plagiarism report that will enable you to be sure that the work is fully original. Price - $5 per paper
    Guaranteed Writer - extra 10%
    You can choose a specific writer if you know a writer id
    Get Drafts - extra 10%
    Your project will be delivered in several stages and you will be able to make changes along the way
    Grade My Paper - $4 per page
    A PhD-graduate in your field will read, correct and set a preliminary grade for your assignment after the writer. Price is $4 per page
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