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Ann N.

Site id: 22870

Major: Literature, Management

Level: Masters

Number of orders: 192

Score: 4.7

Logged in: 10 hours ago

Status: Available

About me

I am hugely interested in any kind of research writing. It is the best way to widespread one’s outlook, which I have done considerably in part by helping students create papers they can be proud of. The types of papers range I work with varies from essays and reviews to courseworks and editing. My majors are English and Literature and Management.

I have a master degree in the English language and literature. Consequently, my specialization allows me to write not only about books and authors, but also about history of languages, education and many other issues. I also have a degree in business management that gives me an ability to write on management of any kind, marketing, finance, etc.

Two years of work have provided me with a great experience of writing, given me my own style and taught to cooperate with very different people from very different countries. Moreover, I have a five-year experience of teaching English as a foreign language. I work with groups and individual students at the age from two up to forty years old.

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