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Ann V.

Site id: 576

Major: Economics

Level: Masters

Number of orders: 533

Score: 4.5

Logged in: 8 minutes ago

Status: Available

About me

I am an expert in writing papers in Economics. I am well experienced in writing essays, dissertations and theses as well as market research and business case studies. Some of my previously completed papers cover such topics as macroeconomic analysis and problems, real-life applications of economic theory, derivatives and stock markets, economic history, microeconomics problems, and marketing strategies. I am inspired by lengthy projects and provide high quality results without delays.

I hold a Master's degree in Economic Theory. I majored in Economic Policy Analysis and my master's thesis was a deep research work on external debt and economic growth issues. I have a Bachelor's degree in International Economics and in lieu of my studies completed a series of papers in International Marketing.

I have previously worked with students providing consultations on writing research papers and homeworks, completing applications to business schools and conducting analysis in various fields of economic science. Since I have good knowledge of statistics and econometrics, I also provided consultations on research design and data analysis. As a writer, I helped students edit their papers and express themselves clearly to achieve stellar results.

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