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Alice M.

Site id: 39744

Major: History

Level: Masters

Number of orders: 170

Score: 4.9

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Status: Available

About me

  • I am a skilled academic writer proficient in writing essays, research papers, term papers, and dissertations in History. My major is American History and African-American Studies. I have great experience in providing high-quality essays and research papers on Political and Social Sciences. The sphere of my research interests also includes Pedagogy and Linguistics. My policies are papers of a high quality, free from plagiarism, organized according to different writing styles and formats.
  • The Bachelor’s Degree in History, the Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, and Specialist in Education guarantee the quality of my research in such fields as History, Linguistics, Literature, Teacher Career, and Pedagogy.
  • My significant experience in working as a teacher, a translator, and an editor is the perfect base for demonstrating excellent skills in analyzing sources and providing the high-quality research on time.

The main principles of my work:

  1. The thorough research + creative approach = the guarantee of No Plagiarism.
  2. The focus on only up-to-date credible sources.
  3. Each detail of the provided instructions is taken into consideration.
  4. Credible sources, organization, format, proofreading, and editing are the necessary conditions for writing an effective paper.

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