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Mark B.

Site id: 41329

Major: Statistics, Mathematics

Level: Masters

Number of orders: 598

Score: 4.6

Logged in: 10 hours ago

Status: Available

About me

I specialize in various applications of mathematics and statistics. I have completed lengthy research projects along with problem sets and lab papers in such fields as probability theory (hypothesis testing, data analysis, descriptive statistics), econometrics (regression analysis, correlations), and mathematics (calculus, algebra, numeric theory). I am experienced with working in such programs as SPSS, Stata, Minitab, and eViews (MS Excel too:)).

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and my bachelor's thesis was dedicated to computational finance. I hold a Master's degree in Financial Economics and my master's thesis was dedicated to option pricing models. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D degree in economics at one of the top universities.

My background includes working as a teaching assistant in statistics and econometrics as well as private tutoring. I have also conducted business analysis and market research using complex analytical tools. I am inspired by various applications of mathematics, be it economics, finance, or daily life problems.

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