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Larry R.

Site id: 561

Major: Banking

Level: Masters

Number of orders: 630

Score: 4.9

Logged in: 49 minutes ago

Status: Available

About me

The areas of expertise and types of papers:

My area of expertise revolves around economic studies, including such economically-related branches as banking, finance, statistics, business, business administration, management, human resource management, marketing, investment and innovation, investment analysis, investment lending, foreign exchange, insurance, international economics and other miscellaneous topics. In my four-year experience as an academic writer, I’ve written various types of papers, mostly working on academic essays, research papers, research plans, reaction papers, book reviews, literature reviews, summaries, analytical, comparative, argumentative essays, and various creative and unusual projects.

Degrees in education:

I hold a Bachelor degree in Finance and Credit.

Experience in writing papers, working with students, tutoring, interpreting, and editing:

I have a habit to treat every paper I’m writing, as if I am writing it for myself. I enjoy working on challenging projects, and getting in touch with my creative side, whether it means coming up with the “catchy” marketing slogans, environmentally-oriented campaigns, or writing poetic verses, imitating Dante’s style in “The Divine Comedy”. I am also a freelance translator, and I’ve had a chance to be an English language tutor for an aviation maintenance technician.

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