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Natalie V.

Site id: 772

Major: Management

Level: Masters

Number of orders: 140

Score: 4.6

Logged in: 4 hours ago

Status: Available

About me

My major topic of interest is management. However, in the modern world, management covers various areas and, therefore, concerns global economy, politics, different markets, human relations, international relations, marketing, and social, cultural, educational, and environmental issues. I will gladly assist you in any of these spheres of knowledge and will be especially interested in viewing them from different and multiple angles, in a more creative way.

I obtained a Master’s Degree in Management but continue my professional learning and development via reading, analyzing, and writing to ensure a broader and deeper view on different issues.

I have 3 years of experience in research writing covering college to university levels. Besides I tried myself as a teacher of English tutoring for approximately 1 year and over 2 years in translation of business documentation (English – Russian translations and vice versa). While acquiring this experience, I could develop a more integral and multilateral approach to analyzing and researching, which also fosters creativity in writing.

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