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We merged with GeeklyLab website
to provide you with the best experience
To place a new order please go to our new website: geeklylab.com.
As a welcome discount use a promo code NEWUSER to get
25% OFF your first 5 tasks!
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Our team always strives to provide you with an excellent service, that's why we decided to partner with GeeklyLab. You can now request help with your tasks even more comfortably on www.geeklylab.com.

As a welcome discount use a promo code NEWUSER to get 25% OFF your first 5 tasks.

∙ How to use my discount at GeeklyLab?

  • 1. Sign up and create an account
  • 2. Place a new order
  • 3. Apply your promo code

∙ What happens to the money I have on my balance?

The money on your account can be returned to your card or added to your GeeklyLab account.
You can request it by contacting the customer support.

∙ Will the merge affect the quality of the work provided?

Absolutely not, the quality of the service provided to you remains on the highest level.

∙ Can I get help with the same tasks at GeeklyLab?

Yes, at GeeklyLab you can request help with any tasks you need help with.

∙ What happens to my current tasks?

All your current tasks remain available for you. If you have a task in progress, it will be completed and delivered on time.



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